3 Best Video Games of 2019

It’s no easy to replicate a successful year like 2018 when it comes to video games. As such, the industry’s leading voices and talents continue to upend various norms aimed at creating existing digital treehouses that people can find solace in. If brand names such as Cyberpunk 2077 and The Last of Us Part 2 are the future of the industry, then the titles are a great reminder of the plot twists as well as memes that connect the world. In a moment when the universe isn’t at a perfect place, these video games are here to inspire and entertain. There are some of the top picks of the 3 best video games of 2019.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is one of the leading video games on the list. It’s a free-to-play royale game that’s created by Respawn Entertainment. The famous Electronic Arts published the game and released for PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox. The gameplay incorporates various elements from existing video games such as Titanfall series, class-based shooters, in addition to those with growing and evolving narratives. Skirmishes may erupt into bullet storms and character powers. The concept of the video game was founded on the development of a revolutionary Titanfall game when Respawn was acquired in 2017. The success of battle royale would prompt the founders of the game to incorporate some aspects besides the traditional concepts seen in most video games. After its release, developers announced the launch of a cross-platform play. Apex Legends has since received positive reviews from its critics.

Resident Evil

Resident Evil is a remake of a significant foundational horror classic. It’s presented with a claustrophobic tone coupled with an over-the-shoulder narrative adopted in Resident Evil 4. The game remixes plot events while displaying rock-solid command based on a calm atmosphere. It’s also a frightening masterpiece that rises above standard nostalgia. The video game also serves as a major reminder of the 1998 classic. Resident Evil uses horror elements and puzzle solving platforms to keep players entertained. Some of the game’s most notable series are such as Resident Evil 2 and 4. They have received recognition as Game of the Year in various lists.


Released in 2019 for the Windows and Nintendo Switch, Wargroove is a tactics video game that’s developed by Chucklefish. The game has a PlayStation version in which players can explore various maps as well as battle foes. Players are allowed to control one of the fifteen commanders. Wargroove supports local as well as online multiplayer. Taking place in Aurania, a continent ruled by two significant nations namely Silmor and Cacophony, the game features the destruction of nations coupled with the sealing of a life-threatening weapon that’s crafted by one of the kingdoms. Wargroove is inventive on display. The battles are incredibly challenging. However, they come with different conflicts. Every commander provides a different tactic, including how a player should utilize it – read article on 10 surprising health benefits of playing video games.

Contrary to the popular belief that video games are addictive, recent research has indicated that gaming comes with multiple benefits. One of them is developing a person’s cognitive skills not only in children but adults.

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